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RoadPixel are specialist manufacturers of professional ANPR hardware and are ANPR software developers. RoadPixel sell their automatic number plate recognition products through ANPR Security Integrators across the UK. RoadPixel work closely with ANPR Security Integrators to deliver the complete project from start to finish ensuring the needs of the end user client are met. RoadPixel’s highly experienced team provide you with professional ANPR system design advice.  RoadPixel can also help with site surveys and provide detailed standard system quotes usually within 24 hours.

RoadPixel manufacture their own range of RoadWolf™ ANPR Cameras in the UK that come with dual on-site adjustable varifocal lenses.

RoadPixel Offer:
  • ANPR Products that work reliably
  • Excellent pre and post Sales Support from the industry’s most experienced team
  • High Quality ANPR Cameras to capture any speed of traffic
  • Full ANPR Access Control Systems with User Categories
  • Configurable Access Periods
  • Approved ANPR Installer Status
  • Sales & Technical Training
  • Easy to use Application Software
RPX-LIVE is RoadPixel’s sophisticated, interactive vehicle monitoring ANPR application that can log all traffic activities, perform real-time database checks and provide you with alerts as well as integrate with barriers etc.  RoadPixel have a full suite of ANPR software including options for third party integration.
Roadpixel - Security Integrators

ANPR can be challenging and plate recognition results can vary considerably depending on good or bad ANPR camera location, system setup, cabling and connections etc. RoadPixel can design, specify and work with you with site surveys and support you to sort out any wrinkles and remove any potential aggravation from your ANPR project.

If you are looking for a professional and knowledgeable ANPR partner email or call:

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If you are a systems integrator and have a project in mind call us to discuss your application needs on 01707 808650 and ask for Frank Thomson or complete our online quote request form.