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Police ANPR Systems

As specialist ANPR software developers and hardware manufacturers RoadPixel deliver Police ANPR systems through a network of international partners. RoadPixel can supply you with the complete solution from mobile / vehicle based hardware and software to fixed and rapid deployment ANPR cameras with an approved Back Office Solution (BOF) interface and support. Highly accurate instant recognition and multiple hotlist matching are just some of the key features of RoadPixel’s Police ANPR Systems.
ANPR systems can be used to read vehicle number plates, check them against various databases including the Police National Computer (PNC) and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and flag any alarms. All number plates are read and stored alongside GPS co-ordinates and instant mapping shows you where and when vehicles were read for simple visual analysis of data.

As vehicles pass, plates are read and checked in real-time against multiple databases, and if working with a Police Back Office, they can be recorded and transmitted for further checking and data mining / analysis.  Colour contextual images or video clips can also be recorded and data can be sent by many methods including Wireless LAN or 3G/4G.
Police Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Systems


ANPR can be used for:

  • Police Mobile Systems (In-Car)
    Police Town Centre Fixed Systems
    Customs and Border Control
    Ports and Airports Surveillance and Control
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  • Military Surveillance Use
    Rapid Deployment Systems
    Covert and Remote Systems

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