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Traffic Management

RoadPixel can supply system components or total solutions to systems integrators for all ANPR Traffic Management applications.
RoadPixel has its own in-house software team and their recognition engine is fast and lean and will run on a variety of processing platforms to suit your needs. RoadPixel have a growing library of cloud-based software and they can help you interface to your own applications through their user-friendly SDK.

RoadPixel manufacture their own range of ANPR Cameras with many advanced technical features such as the next generation infra-red illumination that provides you with a wide and even spread across one to three lanes to match the camera configuration from single lane analogue to a three lane HD option. 
Application experience includes Origin and Destination analysis, Congestion Charging Traffic Violations such as Bus Lane or Illegal Turn Enforcement – ANPR can assist in capturing and processing the information and the preparation of an evidential pack for further action.
Each plate is captured along with the additional data such as GPS location, direction of travel, exact time of capture and associated colour contextual images. This enables a central server to apply tolling charges, calculate journey times, measure traffic density etc. Bridge Tolling and similar systems can also be designed with additional image capture and connection to external databases for both security and vehicle class checks. 

  • RoadPixel are currently completing the delivery of their first WIM integration project and now have a World Class solution available for your next project requirements. RoadPixel's team is technical and responsive and are happy to customise their cameras and software with your corporate identity. Contact us for more information.

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