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anpr Car Park Management and security

RoadPixel’s clients have different needs when it comes to car park management and control. The users of any car park depend on the individual site and this can range from a Company car park for staff, visitors and contractors to a Retail car park where the main focus is to provide car park spaces for their customers and to ensure that the available spaces are not being abused by long stay or ‘commuter parkers’.

In a Corporate car park you obviously need to provide spaces for your staff but you might wish to control when they are allowed to enter and also ensure that former employees are not allowed access. ANPR car park management systems can allow fast, streaming traffic onto a high volume site by having dedicated staff and visitor lanes. Anomalies in the staff lanes can create an alert for your security staff to intervene and visitors can be managed either by advance booking and a text message on arrival with parking instructions. LED displays can be integrated with ANPR car park systems to communicate customised welcome messages and car park guidance / occupancy levels.

In larger Retail Parks RoadPixel can help provide an efficient and tiered ANPR parking system for general and VIP clients and a security wrapper to help protect shoppers and retail staff from criminals or otherwise unwanted visitors by alerting on-site security or interfacing with Police back office systems (BOFs). Important Retail Marketing Data can also be provided by ANPR parking systems, covering vehicle numbers, dwell times etc…

Retail Parks,Corporate HQs,University Campuses and Industrial Estates are among the many applications RoadPixel understand intimately and provide many ANPR car park systems.

The RoadPixel Recognition Engine can also be integrated into many third party car management systems. Once connected, plate details (along with optional driver and vehicle images) will be recorded and stored with every ticket issued.

See RoadPixel’s ANPR parking systems in action at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, Merrist Wood College and at Everest Data Centres.

ANPR Car Park Control Applications:

  • Prevent unauthorised parking
  • Generate alarms upon recognition of blacklisted vehicles
  • Give pre-warning of VIP visitor arrivals
  • Highlight overstays, under stays and frequent visitors
  • Control access –  gates and barriers
  • Retail Parks
    Corporate HQs
  • Operate LED signs for personal welcome messages
  • Provide guidance to drivers and reduce congestion
  • Monitor usage for traffic volume analysis
  • Traffic Counting
  • Interface with Police BOFs
  • University Campuses
    Industrial Estates

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